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Fine Dining

Fine Dining

We’ve reimagined the concept of a bakery, blending the warmth of freshly baked goods with the sophistication of fine dining.

Artful Presentations

Each item is carefully crafted, from intricate pastries to artisan bread, and presented with a touch of elegance that transforms every meal into an experience.


Our menu offers an exquisite selection of gourmet sandwiches, pastries and expertly brewed coffees. Whether it's a salmon focaccia sandwich after a round of golf at Minthis Hills Golf Resort or a delicate strudel delivered at your rented villa at Aphrodite Hills Golf & Spa Resort, you'll find a wealth of flavours to delight you.

Fine dining for children

Offer your children a happy meal experience with our exclusive fine dining for kids’ option. Homemade breast fillet chicken nuggets prepared with meticulous attention to taste, presentation and nutrition to make every bite a moment of joy.