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From vegan pizzas and focaccias to cookies, pies and sandwiches, our vegan range of products are made using the finest natural ingredients Paphos has to offer. We use local carob flour, carob syrup and honey, seeds, tahini, nut butters, vegan pesto, fresh vegetables and homemade vegan pastes to create unique flavours that are good for both the body and the planet.

Vegan Melomakarona & Moustokouloura cookies

Carefully crafted Melomakarona, voted as the 4th best cookie in the world according TasteAtlas (, are the perfect balance of sweetness and warmth. We use a time-honoured recipe to ensure you embark on a journey of authentic Greek flavours. They are the ideal accompaniment to your vegan breakfast or a delicious traditional gift from Cyprus.

Our Moustokouloura cookies, a divine alternative to vegan cakes is made with wholesome ingredients like grape juice, olive oil and spices, are a testament to the simplicity and authenticity of Greek plant-based baking.