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10 Reasons Why Focaccia is a Superior Choice to Pizza.

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10 Reasons Why Focaccia is a Superior Choice to Pizza.

Focaccia is a delicious Italian flat bread that has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and for good reason. Compared to pizza, focaccia has several advantages that makes it a superior choice!

1. Firstly, focaccia is known for its light and airy texture, perfect for absorbing flavorsome oils and herbs. Unlike pizza, which is often made with a thin and crispy crust, focaccia has a soft and fluffy inside with a crispy exterior that give is a unique and satisfying texture that is hard to find in pizza.

2. Secondly, focaccia is incredibly versatile. Unlike pizza, which is typically eaten as a main course, focaccia can be served as a main course, as a side dish or as an appetizer. Whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack, it can be served at any time of the day.

3. Focaccia tends to be denser and more filling than pizza which makes it a more satisfying meal to eat. This means you’ll feel fuller after eating and won’t feel soon as hungry.

4. Additionally Focaccia is healthier than pizza. Pizza is often loaded with cheese and processed meats, while focaccia is made with simple, wholesome ingredients like sour dough, extra virgin olive oil and vegetables.

5. Moreover, focaccia is a great option for those on a low-carb, low-gluten diet. It’s enriched with a variety of seeds and wholemeal flours to give it a low-carb consistency. Unlike pizza, it won’t spike your blood sugar levels

6. Even further, Focaccia is suitable for vegans. Unlike pizza, focaccia can be topped with a variety of delicious plant-based ingredients, such as herbs and roasted vegetables, making it a perfect option for those following a vegan or vegetarian diet.

7. Another reason why focaccia is better than pizza is its delicious rich, complex dough flavor that is simply irresistible. The olive oil and herbs used to make focaccia give it a deep, savory flavor that is unmatched by pizza. Pizza dough, on the other hand, is often bland and tasteless.

8. In addition focaccia can be enjoyed both warm or cold making it perfect for keeping it fresh for longer time. This makes it convenient that you can store it for several days, without getting stale or dry as is the case with pizza.

9. Focaccia also offers a wider range of options for toppings and fillings. While pizza is usually limited to a few standard toppings, focaccia can be topped with a variety of ingredients, from fresh roasted vegetables to meat and cheese.

10. Finally, Focaccia has a lower fat content than pizza. Focaccia typically contains more vegetables, making it a better option for those who are conscious about their calorie intake.

In conclusion, focaccia is a delicious and healthier alternative to pizza offers a unique texture, more low-gluten and low-carb options. It’s a perfect choice for anyone looking for a wholesome and satisfying meal. Craving for a healthy Focaccia? Simply order online through Foody or Wolt. Out of delivery area? Then simply call us +357 99 08 37 47 for a delivery in any remote area of Paphos.